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What Sent Ellen DeGeneres To The Hospital!?

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March 22, 2017

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Ellen Degeneres Was Sent To The Hospital!

Ellen Degeneres was sent to the hospital over the weekend – and she blames it all on wine.

On her show yesterday, Ellen revealed that she was returning home from dinner (where she had 2 glasses of wine), and her dogs were excited to see her, so they were jumping everywhere, causing Ellen to trip and fall into the door, injuring her finger.

She said she knew something was wrong, so she went to the ER to get the finger checked and found out it was dislocated.

Ellen blames the whole incident on those two glasses of wine she had with dinner saying they caused her to lose her balance. 

She’s fine now.


Is Brad Pitt Holed Up in an Art Studio, Listening to Sad Songs? 

Since she filed for divorce, ANGELINA JOLIE has been jetting all over the world with the kids, filming movies, making U.N. speeches, and that kind of thing.

So what's BRAD PITT been doing?  Apparently, working on a sculpture and listening to breakup songs.  The rag-mags from across the pond are saying Brad spends up to 15 hours a day at an art studio, learning from some artist-friend of his.

Quote, "He spends all night working on his art and listening to emotional songs.  He'd rather do that and be constructive than go out partying."


Arnold Schwarzenegger Strikes Back At Donald Trump

On Monday, Gallup reported that President Trump's approval rating had fallen to 37%. 

So clearly, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is seeking a little revenge after Trump mocked the TV ratings for his version of "Celebrity Apprentice", which were also pretty terrible.

In a Twitter video, Arnold says, quote, "Donald, the ratings are in, and you got swamped!  Now you're in the 30s?  But, what do you expect?  I mean, when you take away after-school programs for children and Meals on Wheels for the poor people?

He went on to say, quote, “That's not what you call 'Making America Great Again.'  Come on.  I mean, who's advising you?"