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What Undisclosed Illness Forced Steven Tyler To Cancel Aerosmith’s Tour?

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September 29, 2017

What “Undisclosed Illness” Forced Steven Tyler To Cancel Aerosmith’s Tour?

Earlier this week Aerosmith announced that they were canceling the rest of their South American tour because their lead singer, Steven Tyler, was suffering from an “undisclosed illness.” 

Well, according to “The Boston Globe,” the tour was cancelled because Steven Tyler was suffering from seizures.  It’s not clear what caused the seizure or if Tyler received a diagnosis before flying back to the States, but he remains under a doctor’s care.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS has breast cancer.  She shared the diagnosis on social media yesterday, saying, quote, "1 in 8 women get breast cancer.  Today, I'm the one."

Julia says the good news is that she has fantastic insurance through her union, and she has a great support group made-up of family and friends.

She hasn't said anything beyond that . . . so it's unclear what stage she's in, or whether or not her doctors were able to catch it early.


Hugh Hefner's Widow Wasn't in His Will?

HUGH HEFNER was worth a lot of money when he died.  Some reports put the total at $43 million, and others say it was more than $100 million.  And his widow, CRYSTAL HARRIS, gets exactly . . . NONE OF IT.

Crystal never made it into the will.  Hugh left his estate to his 4 kids, the USC film school, and some charities.  But don’t worry about Crystal.  She'll be "provided for" through her prenuptial agreement.  Hugh and Crystal were married in 2012.