When Animals Attack Celebrities

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July 11, 2017

When Animals Attack Celebrities!

ELIZABETH HURLEY is hiding a serious butt-kicker beneath that gorgeous exterior.

RadarOnline.com reports that Hurley jumped into action when a snake tried to bite her son, DAMIEN.  They were on a trip to Spain and Damien was sleeping in a bassinet.  Along came the snake and Liz Hurley grabbed an axe and cut off the reptile's head. 


Lindsay Lohan Skips Her Brother’s Wedding

Lindsay Lohan’s younger brother Mike Lohan Jr. got married over the weekend, but his celebrity sister failed to attend.

Mike Lohan is a real estate guru and he married his longtime girlfriend, Nina Ginsberg, in Rhode Island on Saturday.

 No word on why Lindsay missed her brother’s wedding.  She isn’t working on a film at the moment and has been living full-time in London. 

Her last paying job was last year when she flew to Greece to open a nightclub.


The "Baywatch" Movie Is Huge in Germany Because of David Hasselhoff

The "Baywatch" movie flopped in the U.S., but it's been a hit in Germany, and that's because of DAVID HASSELHOFF, who's a GOD in his ancestral homeland.

The Hoff only has a brief cameo, but that's good enough for the Germans, who have an UNQUENCHABLE THIRST for anything Hasselhoff-related.

"Baywatch" has made a whopping $16 million in Germany, more than in any other foreign country.  It was bigger there than the "Transformers" movie, "The Mummy", and "Wonder Woman".