Where Were Kim's Bodyguards When She Was Robbed

October 4, 2016

From this morning's Dirt Alert....


Kim Kardashian Was Bound and Gagged During Her Robbery 

New reports on KIM KARDASHIAN today.   

There were FIVE men involved in the holdup.  Kim was staying at what's supposed to be kind of a secret apartment-style hotel complex where the rich and famous go when they're in Paris.  It’s referred to as the "No Address Hotel", and rooms can cost up to $17,000 a night. 

The robbers tied up the concierge, then two of them went into Kim' room.  They zip-tied and duct-taped her hands and grabbed her by the ankles.  Kim later told police she was only wearing a bathrobe, and she thought she was about to be raped.

Instead, they duct-taped her feet and put her in the bathtub.  Then they stole $11 million worth of jewelry, including that new $4.5 million diamond ring that Kim liked to brag about on Instagram.

After they'd taken all her jewelry, the thieves escaped on BICYCLES.  (Hey, it’s France!) Kim gave a statement to police, and hopped a plane for the States. 


Where Were Kim’s Body Guards?

Now, it turns out there was another person in the apartment.  A friend of Kim's named Simone.  She locked herself in a downstairs bathroom and texted Kim's bodyguard and her sister KOURTNEY.

At the time Kim was attacked, the bodyguard was keeping an eye on Kourtney andKENDALL JENNER, who were out clubbing.  Kim was turning in for the night, so she didn't think she'd need anybody watching over her. 

Ironically, earlier in the day, she posted a picture of herself with her bodyguard behind her, and captioned it, "This guy is always in my shot!"

Kim eventually freed herself, and the bodyguard showed up about two minutes after the thieves left.  The whole thing only took about six minutes.


Ryan Lochte Is Sad Michael Phelps Blew Him Off After He Lied 

RYAN LOCHTE was pretty wild and crazy when he vandalized that gas station in Brazil.

But in a new interview with "USA Today", he gets pretty emotional about how his feelings were hurt when MICHAEL PHELPS blew him off while he was struggling to deal with the ensuing controversy.

He says that when he reached out to Michael, he got a text back saying "Yeah, sure.  I'm here to help."  But he wasn't.  Ryan says, quote, "He didn't call me.  I was like, 'Hey, can you please call me?  Let me know, I need help.'

"That never really happened."