Who Called Justin Bieber a Self-Absorbed Childish Showoff?

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December 23, 2016

Justin Bieber Gets Brutally Slammed By PETA

Justin Bieber has been slammed by PETA for wearing a fur coat.

Apparently, Bieber wore an oversized fur coat in West Hollywood earlier this week and when questioned about the coat by the paparazzi, Justin confirmed it was 100% real.

Well, the president of PETA released a statement about Bieber’s fur coat saying, “I sometimes think that Justin Bieber needs a brain scan, as I suspect his mirror neurons — the seat of empathy — are underdeveloped, given that he acts like a self-absorbed, childish showoff. “

Bieber has not yet responded to the organization's criticism.


Celebrity Apprentice Ch-ch-changes

NBC says ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will not be using DONALD TRUMP's classic "You're fired" to get rid of exiting contestants from "Celebrity Apprentice" while replacing Trump.

Instead, he says he'll use one of his catch-phrases from one of his movies --but he won't say what it is until the first exit is revealed.  Quote, "We narrowed it down to like eight of my sayings from the movies and one other option, but even I don't know yet," he said.

Contestants include BOY GEORGE, LAILA ALI, JON LOVITZ, SNOOKI, CARNIE WILSON, and more. NBC says "Celebrity Apprentice" is scheduled to premiere on Jan 02.


Jennifer Lopez Cancels A $1-Million Dollar Performance

Jennifer Lopez had signed a $1-million-dollar contract to perform at “Eleven” nightclub in Miami on New Year’s Eve – but she just cancelled the show!

Sources say that J-Lo decided that she needed time with her family more than the $1-million-bucks – so she canceled the show.

Now J-Lo plans on spending all of the holidays with her family in their new home in Bel-Air.  Nicki Minaj will perform in her place.