Who Won The Booty Of The Year Award?

July 28, 2016

Booty of The Year

Congratulations to TOM HIDDLESTON, who just landed the prestigious honor as Britain's "Rear of the Year."

ETOnline.com reports he raised lots of eyebrows while showing off his hind quarters in a British TV series called, "The Night Manager," but neither the actor --nor his girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT-- have commented on his new title.


Lohan Lunacy

Lindsay Lohan has been recently photographed smoking. 

Usually, that’s no big deal, but there’s also rumors abound that she’s pregnant.  Even her father says she’s pregnant.  So if it is true, maybe she shouldn’t be smoking. 

Click here to see the pic.


Calvin Harris Doesn't Want to Work with Kanye West Right Now . . . Is He Chicken? 

There have been rumors that Taylor Swift’s ex, CALVIN HARRIS was considering working with KANYE WEST, but now it sounds like that won't happen. 

Is it because Calvin FEARS TAYLOR SWIFT?  Sources say Calvin wants nothing to do with Kanye right now, because it would be read as a team-up on Taylor and he wants nothing to do with that.

Even when Calvin posed for a picture with KIM KARDASHIAN at JENNIFER LOPEZ's birthday party, there was nothing behind it.  It was a chance meeting, they barely hung out, and they did NOT talk any business.


The Walking Dead Rumors

"Walking Dead" freaks are counting down the days 'til they find out who Negan whacked on the season finale, but the dangerous dude is just getting started.

JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN tells Entertainment Weekly that his bat-wielding character will have a "major impact on the show," and that it's going to be a, quote, "whole new beginning"!!! 

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday, October 23rd at nine.