Who's At Fault In Chris Pratt's Divorce?

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August 8, 2017

Developments On The Anna Faris/Chris Pratt Split 

ANNA FARIS has a book called "Unqualified" coming out in October, with a foreword written by CHRIS PRATT

Some of the book is about Anna's, quote, "unique take on how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic, and worthwhile adventure of finding love."  Rather ironic. 

Meanwhile, there's been a lot of talk that JENNIFER LAWRENCE had something to do with their split.  Supposedly, she and Chris got a little too close when they made the movie "Passengers" together.

Of course, there are sources that say she was NOT involved.  Jennifer is currently dating DARREN ARONOFSKY, who directed her in her new movie, "Mother!", which comes out next month.


Taylor Swift Is Going on Trial, and Lawyers Are Trying to Keep Her Diehard Fans Off the Jury 

TAYLOR SWIFT is going on trial later this month.  If you haven't heard, a former radio DJ is suing her for defamation, after she claimed he grabbed her backside during a meet-and-greet back in 2013.

He lost his job, but Taylor insists it happened, and she's filed a countersuit for sexual harassment.

Jury selection is happening now, and naturally, the lawyers opposing Taylor are trying to keep her biggest fans from stacking the jury.  In an effort to expose their fandom, they have a questionnaire for prospective jurors.

It includes stuff like:  1.  Have you listened to Taylor Swift on the radio?  2.  Have you watched one of Taylor's videos?  3.  Have you bought a Taylor Swift album, etc. 

Taylor was actually in the courtroom in Denver yesterday to witness the jury selection.  The trial will probably take a little over a week, and she IS expected to take the witness stand.  If she wins her countersuit, she'll donate the money to charity.


Justin Bieber Warns Paparazzi To ‘Stay Clear’ Of His Moving Vehicle

Justin Bieber isn’t taking any more chances when it comes to paparazzi around his moving vehicles.

Two weeks ago, the Bieb accidently hit a paparazzi photographer as he left a church service in Beverly Hills, but police say it was just an accident and he wasn’t charged with anything.

But it looks like the incident really affected Justin because he was extremely cautious when driving away from “The Peppermint Club” in West Hollywood the other night.  He drove much slower than usual, and he even warned the paparazzi to “stay clear” of his car because he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.