This Is Why Drinking Contests Are A Bad Idea

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June 2, 2017

Stupid Ways To Die

Let's take a moment to remember that Russians do more that hack elections. 

They're what you would call next level DRINKERS, and that’s how we get to “Stupid Ways To Die!” 

A supermarket in southwest Russia recently held a contest called "Who Can Drink More Vodka"?  Forty men competed to see who could drink the most vodka.  What do you suppose was the grand prize?  MORE VODKA.  10 bottles, to be specific.

Unfortunately, when the men started chugging their BUCKETS OF VODKA, some of them weren't quite built to handle it.  FIVE guys were hospitalized, and one of them actually DIED from alcohol poisoning.  According to his doctor, he drank three liters of vodka, which is about 67 shots. 

The police are looking into the supermarket's owners, and they could be charged for death by negligence.


An Unfinished Water Tower in Sussex, Wisconsin Causes A Stir

The town of Sussex, Wisconsin near Milwaukee had their water tower repainted this week. 

But the workers had to stop halfway through on Wednesday to let the paint dry.  And only the SECOND half of the town name was finished,  so it just said "SEX."

It's not clear if they thought it through before they started painting.  But the same thing happened the last time it was repainted in 1996.  And it even got mentioned in "Playboy".

They were planning to finish the new paint job yesterday.  But a bunch of people who drove by already posted pictures online.  And a few parents were angry after their kids saw it.  Click here to see a picture.

A Disgruntled Former 7-Eleven Owner

Now THIS is how you get revenge.

There's a guy in south Boston named Abu Musa, and he used to be a 7-Eleven franchise owner, but he wound up having a falling out with the parent company over their policies.  Specifically, because they FORCED him to sell hot foods like hot dogs and taquitos that no one was buying.

He says, quote, "They'd sit there on the rollers, no one would buy them, and every day I would throw out $200 to $300 worth of food that I had to pay for."  So he gave up, and after a legal battle, he lost his store.

So now he’s opening his own store across the street from his old location.  And he named it, “6-Twelve.”  Those are his hours but, clearly, the similarity to "7-Eleven" makes it a declaration of war.

He says more than half of his customers are going to his new store, and he's got a great strategy for getting more.  Quote, "I know the price of everything in that [7-Eleven].  So I sell the same things cheaper.  And no hot food.  Never."