Why Haven't We Learned Not To Mess With Alligators?

Plus more with your Freak Files including a cat that is friends with a bear ... and ... an unusual police rescue!

July 6, 2016

Cops Break Into an Apartment to Rescue a Lifeless Woman in Lingerie . . . Who Turns Out to be a Blow-Up Doll

Police in Amsterdam got a call last week from some people who saw a woman standing in a window. 

They said she was wearing black lingerie and she looked LIFELESS . . . and they were afraid something was seriously wrong.

She didn't answer when the cops banged on the door, so they smashed their way into the apartment.  And that's when they found out WHY she looked sexy but lifeless . . . she was a BLOW-UP DOLL.

There's no word on how her owner reacted when he got home and found his door smashed . . . and a picture of his doll on the police department's Facebook page. 

(Here's a photo of the doll.)


A Guy Goes After an Alligator to Get His Phone Back and Survives . . . But Now It Doesn't Work

Haven't we learned as a species not to mess with gators?

24-year-old Anthony Larrimore, was walking on a boardwalk in Fort Myers, Florida this weekend, and taking pictures of some alligators with his iPhone, but oooops, he DROPPED it.  And it landed in the swamp, right next to a gator.

So Anthony decided to RISK HIS LIFE to get his phone back.  Apparently there were a bunch of pictures of his 10-month-old son on there, and he didn't want to lose them.

The gator was making angry noises at him, and even put his snout over the phone.  But Anthony STILL stuck his arm down to grab it.  And he got lucky, because the gator DIDN'T bite.

But that's where his luck stopped.  Because once he had his phone back, it wouldn't even turn on anymore. 

(Here's a picture of the gator and the phone.)


A Stray Cat Broke Into a Zoo to Live with a Bear

There's a 550-pound black bear at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary near Sacramento, California named Sequoia.  And it's recently been living with a stray black CAT.

The cat showed up several months ago, and the zookeepers nicknamed it Little Bear. They toss dry dog food out for the bear every morning, and the cat started eating it too. 

The cat basically just follows the bear around all day.  They hang out in the shade together, and the bear doesn't seem to mind.

There is some concern that the bear might eat the cat, but there's never been a problem.  And the zoo has other bears too.  But the cat only hangs out with THAT bear for some reason. 

(Here's a photo of them hanging out.)