Why Was Gloria Allred Kicked Out Of The Courtroom During Bill Cosby's Trial?

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June 8, 2017

Gloria Allred Removed From Bill Cosby’s Trial When Her Phone Rang

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred — who has represented several of Bill Cosby’s accusers, including one who testified this week has been attending Cosby’s trial all week. 

But yesterday, she was kicked out – and it was all because of her phone.  The judge in the case has a very strict “no cell phone” policy, and when Gloria Allred’s phone rang, sending a shrill ringtone through the quiet courtroom, she was immediately booted from the courtroom and escorted out by Montgomery County court officers.

Allred was allowed back inside later that day.


Is Alex Rodriguez Already Fooling Around on Jennifer Lopez? 

This is true tabloid trash, especially when you consider the source, but according to the National Enquirer, ALEX RODRIGUEZ and JENNIFER LOPEZ might not be together much longer because A-Rod has been exchanging naughty texts and videos with an old fling. 

This has all been recent activity, supposedly while he’s been romancing Jennifer Lopez!  There's also talk she might be trying to extort $600,000 from him in exchange for keeping quiet.  Again, if there's any truth to what the "National Enquirer" is saying.


Kesha Fans are Declaring Jerry Seinfeld Over 

KESHA fans are declaring JERRY SEINFELD "over" after he refused to hug her. 

In fact, Kesha fans are declaring war on Jerry Seinfeld and his career.  They even started their own hashtag:  #JerrySeinfeldisOverParty.  Here are some of the angry Tweets, bad grammar and all:

"Kesha is a LEGEND who has 4 #1s & has sold 100 MILLION RECORDS while Jerry seinfeld is a unkown trash."

"Show respect to Kesha or else your career will be ruined!  When you hug her you get accepted into heaven."