A Woman Accidentally Handcuffs Herself And Then Gets Arrested

October 28, 2016

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A Woman Accidentally Handcuffs Herself . . . Then Gets Arrested?

I feel like it's almost unfair to make it THIS easy for the cops.

A 29-year-old woman named Cara Greer from Sacramento, California was hanging out with a friend who's a security guard on Tuesday, and accidentally locked herself in her friend's HANDCUFFS.

Then they couldn't find the key, so they called the cops for help.  But when the cops got there, they found Cara had an outstanding warrant for felony burglary.  And since she was already cuffed, it was awfully easy to arrest her.

But . . . they DID take her to the fire station to get them cut off, and replaced them with their own pair before they took her to jail. 


Losers In Lockup

An Arkansas woman was arrested for buying her dog a tuxedo.

Actually, it's the method KRISTI GOSS allegedly used to make the purchase that got her in trouble.  Prosecutors say Goss, a former Garland County employee, used a county credit card to buy the tux for her pooch.  She also allegedly bought pet insurance, a diamond bracelet, and Arkansas Razorbacks tickets while employed as an administrative assistant.

Auditors flagged around $200-thousand dollars in suspected fraudulent purchases made on the card.  It’s been suggested that she should have used the card to secure an attorney because she’s gonna need one!  Stupid Criminals!!!


Judge Tried To Bribe Deputy With Cases Of Bud Light

When a North Carolina county judge named Arnold O. Jones suspected his wife was having an affair, he asked a friend in the sheriff's office if he could get copies of all the text messages between his wife and another man—which is illegal without a warrant.

In exchange for the warrantless surveillance, Judge Jones offered his "friend" two cases of Bud Light.

But the deputy said he could buy his own beer and reported the judge for corruption instead.

A jury deliberated for just 33 minutes before finding the Judge guilty, and convicted on 3 felony charges.

He will face sentencing in January.