Woman Blames Her Car Accident on Bigfoot (Freak Files)

March 27, 2017

Woman Blames Her Car Accident on Bigfoot

You know, I was fine with Bigfoot when he was just lumbering around the woods and terrorizing squirrels, but if he's making people's car insurance rates go up, THEN we gotta a problem.

A 50-year-old woman from Tensed, Idaho crashed her car into a deer on Wednesday.  When the cops got there, she told them what happened:  She saw Bigfoot.

Apparently as she was driving, she saw Bigfoot chasing some deer on the side of the road.  And when she looked in her rearview mirror to watch him, she took her eyes off the road, and hit the deer.

Sadly, the only description the woman could give was that Bigfoot was about seven or eight feet tall.  And shockingly, the cops weren't able to track him down.

She wasn't hurt in the crash.  We don't know about the deer though, the deer she hit OR the ones Bigfoot was stalking. 


Dummies On Parade

Here's the answer to that life-long question:  "what will make the Royal Guards move."

A tourist would not stop dancing in front of one of the Royal Guardsman, outside the St. James Palace in London. The guard finally had enough and finally yelled in his strong Scottish slang, "Haw, get yersel' away, ye came and ye done this yesterday anaw, do him wan, turn the camera aff."

That roughly translates as: "Listen, get yourself away. You came and did this yesterday, too. Do him one, turn the camera off." The man listened and left.

See video of the incident by clicking here.


A Guy Hides Inside a Sears to Steal $830,000 of Jewelry After It Closes

This is one of those crimes that every eight-year-old kid thinks of:  "What if someone hid inside the store and after everyone left, they stole stuff?" 

A 34-year-old guy named Daniel Grant from Silver Spring, Maryland actually tried to pull it off.  Earlier this month, he hid inside a Sears, and none of the employees spotted him as they closed up and left for the night.

Once the store was empty, Daniel got to work.  First he stole a big purse and a hammer.  Then he smashed the jewelry cases and stole $830,000 worth of jewelry.  Who knew Sears had almost a million bucks in jewelry on hand?

Unfortunately for Daniel, the store had motion detectors and he set them off.  So the cops showed up and arrested him when he walked outside. 

He's been charged with two counts of commercial burglary and one count of theft. 

Stupid Criminals!!!! (click here to see his mugshot)