Woman Calls 911 Because Her Friend Wouldn't Let Her Use the Wi-Fi

October 14, 2016

A Woman Calls 911 When Her Friend Won't Let Her Use the Wi-Fi

You know we're truly addicted to the Internet when full-grown adults think they'll die if they can't get online . . .

A 49-year-old woman from Houston was staying at a guy's house in Sharon, South Carolina recently.  Their names haven't been released, but it sounds like they're friends, because he was letting her stay for free if she just cleaned up a little.

But earlier this month, she called 911 to report him because he wouldn't let her use his WI-FI.  They told her it didn't qualify as an emergency, but she called back five more times, and told them she was in fear of her LIFE because she didn't have Wi-Fi. 

At that point the cops actually showed up at the house.  It turned out the guy she was staying with took her Wi-Fi access away because she kept meeting random people online, talking to them on his landline for 12 to 16 hours a day, and racking up huge long-distance bills.

She's facing charges for unlawful use of 911. 


The ‘BIG’ Problem With Tiny Homes

A woman in California not only had her house burglarized, she had the whole thing stolen.

MALINDA CRICHTON has been living in a 33-feet long by eight-feet wide "tiny home" near Sacramento.  She took her dog for a walk and, when she got back, the $40-thousand dollar house had vanished.

Crichton says, "I don't know who did this. I have no idea." Crichton called the cops, who said they've never heard of a home being stolen before.  The small house was eventually found across town. Police still have no idea who moved it.

A Guy Couldn't Reach His Grandmother After Hurricane Matthew, So He Ordered Her a Pizza

87-year-old Claire Olsen lives Palm Coast, Florida, which got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Matthew. 

And two days after it tore through there, her family still couldn't get in touch with her because her phone was still out.

So her grandson Eric came up with a pretty brilliant solution.  He lives in Nebraska, and decided to order her a PIZZA from her local Papa John's.  He did it online, and in the notes, he told them to call HIS cell phone when they got there.

Lance Tyler delivered the pizza and he says he figured they probably had dogs or something, and that's why they wanted him to call before he knocked.  So Eric picked up and asked Lance if his grandmother was okay.  So it turned out she was fine, she was just confused because she hadn't ordered a pizza.

Lance says the expression on her face when she found out her grandson was on the phone was better than any tip he's ever gotten.  Click here to see pictures of Claire, Eric, and Lance.