A Woman Calls 911 to Complain About the Meth She Bought

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August 29, 2017

A Woman Calls 911 to Complain About the Quality of the Meth She Bought

33-year-old Margery Ann Dayrider from Great Falls, Montana called 911 on Friday, and the reason was . . . she'd just done some BAD METH and she wanted to complain. 

She said it left a, quote, "bad taste in her mouth" and she wanted some help.

So a cop went over to her place.  Margery told him she does meth, quote, "three times a day, every day, and [has] never had this reaction before."  Oh, and she still had some of the meth on her if they wanted to test it.  She handed it over, and the cops arrested her for felony narcotics possession.   Stupid Criminals!!!


Call It Hazardous Pay

You know how you always feel bad for the reporters that are stuck in blizzards or massive snow storms reporting on how bad they are? This woman just found a way to thank them.

Fox News reporter CASEY STEGALL was in Galveston, Texas, in the middle of a live report on hurricane “Harvey” when a woman walked up to him and handed him a six pack of beer from the Galveston Island Brewing Company.

The woman doesn't work for the brewery, but their social media has been blowing up with people looking for the Tiki Wheat brew.  Stegell later tweeted, "Now that’s what I call a GOOD photo bomb! She was very sweet and even gave me a hug... moment of levity, reporting on serious matters."

Click here to see the video.


A Carjacker Hangs Onto a Door Handle, Gets Dragged Down the Street, Then Gets Arrested

A guy near Seattle tried to carjack someone last Friday, but when he tried to get in their car, they floored it and took off.

Instead of giving up or trying another car, he held onto their door handle and refused to let go while they DRAGGED him down the street.  And he held on for a WHILE, not just a few seconds.

Someone got it on video, and his pants ended up down around his ankles from being dragged across the pavement.  Then the driver stopped so he could let go, but he tried to open the door again, so they hit the gas and he STILL kept hanging on.

The video ends after that, but cops eventually arrested him for carjacking, and took him to a hospital.

Stupid Criminals!!!!  No word on his injuries, but we assume he had some serious road rash. 

(Warning:  Backside nudity.  Click here to see the video