A Woman Finds a Live Frog in Her Bagged Salad From Target

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August 28, 2017

A Woman Finds a Live Frog in Her Bagged Salad From Target . . . and Keeps It as a Pet

I’m not sure I would react this way if I found a LIVE ANIMAL in my food

37-year-old Becky Garfinkel from Corona, California recently bought some bagged salad from Target.  As she was eating some of it, she saw the lettuce MOVING, and she realized a tiny LIVE FROG was on her plate.

She picked up the frog and realized it was in bad shape from being trapped in the bag, so she rinsed off the dressing and her husband gave it little CHEST COMPRESSIONS with one finger to help it start breathing normally again.

And after the frog recovered, they decided to keep it as a PET.

Target says they're working with the manufacturer to figure out how the frog got in there.  So far they've very generously offered Becky a $5 gift card as compensation.  Click here to see a photo of the frog in the salad.


People in Houston Would Rather Risk Their Lives Than Use Dallas Cowboys Coolers?

As people in the Houston area geared up for Hurricane Harvey, there was a run on coolers, so they could store food and water as they rode the storm out.

BUT . . . there's a photo going around that shows where people's priorities are.  A guy took a photo of the cooler aisle at a Walmart in Houston and it shows the only coolers left on the shelves are ones with the Dallas Cowboys logo on them.

So, yeah, apparently the people in Houston would rather risk starving and dehydration than support the Cowboys.  On some level, you have to respect that.  Click here to see the photo.


New Jersey Man's Obituary Calls For Philadelphia Eagles Players To Be Pallbearers

56-year-old Philadelphia Eagles fan Jeffrey Riegel of Port Republic, New Jersey died last week following a battle with cancer, and before he passed, he wrote his own obituary.

The obituary described Jeffery as a "wonderful husband, uncle, brother, and son" before launching into a very special request. 

He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pallbearers for his funeral and for them to lower him into the ground so, quote, “The Eagles can let him down one last time.”

So far, the Philadelphia Eagles have not responded.