A Woman Found a $472,000 Lottery Ticket While She Was Doing Her Taxes

Talk About Lucky!

July 12, 2016

A Woman Found a $472,000 Lottery Ticket While She Was Doing Her Taxes

I get excited when I finish my taxes and find out I'm getting a $12 refund.  So I TOTALLY get how this woman must've felt.

Yokasta Boyer of Clifton, New Jersey was doing her taxes in April, and while she was going through her old papers and receipts, she found a lottery ticket she'd bought about a year earlier.

She checked the numbers . . . and it was a WINNER.  So out of nowhere, Yokasta was $472,000 richer.  I wonder if that bumped her up to a different tax bracket and SCREWED her up?

Anyway, it turns out the ticket was two weeks away from EXPIRING, so she claimed it just in time.  Her story came out now because she got her check from the New Jersey Lottery. 


Café Charges Less For Those Who Say "Please" And "Thank You"

If you ever wondered if you’d be rewarded for your politeness-- there's a place where that'll happen!

A café in Virginia has a sign outside their establishment that tells patrons if they order by saying “Small coffee,” it will cost them $5….but if they say “Small coffee, please,” it will only cost them $3….AND…if they say, “'Hello, one small coffee please," it’ll only set them back $1.75.

This isn't the first time a coffee shop has given patrons incentive to be more polite-- a store in the south of France did something similar a few years ago.


Big Fish

Congratulations to nine-year-old EMMA ZAJDEL of Ocean City, Maryland, who has the fish tale of her life to tell... and (unlike most tall-tale tellers) the pictures to prove it!

The Washington Post reports that Emma went out with her dad and hauled in a 95-pound cobia fish and set a Maryland record for the largest fish of that type ever caught in the state.

The story is all the more remarkable when you consider that nine-year-old Emma weighs 65 pounds --30 pounds less than the fish she caught!

Maryland wildlife experts who weighed the fish say Emma now holds their record for cobia and also may now hold the International Game Fish Association's Small Fry World Record for "a fish caught by an angler under the age of 10."

And by the way, Emma kept the fish and ate it. She told the wildlife experts, "It tasted very good."