A Woman Mistakes a Dead Fly For Her Fake Eyelashes

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August 7, 2017

A Woman Mistakes a Dead Fly For Her Fake Eyelashes

It would've been amazing if this woman HADN'T caught her mistake.

A woman in England was trying to put on her fake eyelashes last week, but was having trouble gluing one on.  And finally, she put on her glasses and realized why:  She mistook a DEAD FLY for her fake lashes.

She sent a photo of the fly next to her eyelashes to her daughter…who promptly put it on Twitter and made her mom's embarrassing moment go internationally viral.  (Click here to see the picture)


A Woman Stole $60 Worth of McDonald's Condiments

You used to be able to get extra dipping sauces for free at McDonald's.  But those days are long gone.  So this girl took matters into her own hands . . .

An 18-year-old in Australia named Kyara Blazely was recently at a McDonald's with some friends, and paid for her meal.  Then while they were all leaving, she grabbed an entire TRAY of dipping sauces and ran out the door with them.

It sounds like she was just trying to be funny or something.  She's 18, so it's understandable, but then she made another dumb 18-year-old move and posted about it on social media.

It was about 60 bucks worth of dipping sauces, so it was technically stealing, plus a security camera got her on video, so she brought the tray and all the dipping sauces to a police station a few days later and turned herself in.

She had to go in front of a judge who called her the, quote, "dumbest defendant" they'd seen that day.  But they let her off easy with a small fine of about a hundred bucks.    Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Surrenders to the Cops So They'll Take His Unflattering Mugshot Off Facebook

Never doubt the power of people's social media VANITY.

The cops in Swansea, Wales recently put 35-year-old Wayne Esmonde's mugshot on their Facebook page because he had a warrant out for assault.

In the mugshot, his eyes are open VERY wide and he kind of looks like a mix of shocked and crazy.  Well, Wayne replied to the Facebook post last week and wrote, quote, "I am him.  Not a very flattering mugshot.  I'd appreciate it if you take this post down.  Innocent until proven guilty and all that."

Eventually he reached a deal with the cops:  If he turned himself in, they'd take down the photo.  So he went to the station on Thursday, the cops arrested him, and they took down the mugshot.

Unfortunately for Wayne, now that his story is out, that mugshot is ALL OVER the Internet and getting infinitely more attention than it was getting before.  Oops.  Click here to see the mugshot.