Woman Reaching For Soda Nearly Loses Hand To Gator

August 15, 2016

When Animals Attack:  Woman Reaching For Soda Nearly Loses Hand To Gator

A Florida woman is in critical condition after a 5-foot alligator nearly severed her hand.

49-year old Kimberly Sexton, was reaching for a can of Mountain Dew that she had dropped into the water at Willard's Fish Camp in the Everglades in Broward County, Florida -- when the alligator appeared and chomped her hand!

Two witnesses grabbed Kimberly by her legs to keep her from being pulled into the water while someone else managed to free Kimberly’s hand from the gator's jaws.

Kimberly was airlifted to the hospital and rushed into emergency surgery.  She is in critical condition, but doctors did manage to fully reattach her hand to her arm.

The alligator was found by a trapper and euthanized after the incident.


A Guy Has Been Stealing Beer by Dressing as a Beer Delivery Man

22-year-old, Darrius Williams from Millbrook, Alabama has come up with a pretty brilliant way to steal beer.

He's been dressing up as a BEER DELIVERY driver.  Then he rolls a delivery cart into the store, loads it up with cases of beer, and just rolls it right out the front door.  No one questions what's going on, since he looks legit.  Never mind that he's taking beer OUT of the store.

He's managed to get away with it at least four different times.  One surveillance video shows him rolling 16 cases of Bud and Bud Light out of a Walmart.  But the cops recognized him from the video, and now they're trying to track him down. 

Click here to check out the video.


A Guy Sleeping in a Dumpster Survives a Trash Compactor

It’s a bit FREAKY to say someone who sleeps in a dumpster is LUCKY, but you’ll see why in a minute. 

A 23-year-old guy named Ivan Rosalio Mendez Perez from Albany, New York was sleeping in a dumpster on a big stack of recycled cardboard last week, when suddenly the trash compactor came and SCOOPED him up.

He was stuck in the back of the truck while it started compacting the trash over and over.  Somehow, he survived.  He only wound up with a broken leg.

The driver finally realized Ivan was in his truck when he got out and heard someone screaming for help.  So the fire department came and got Ivan out.

Reporters asked a spokeswoman from the dumpster company how situations like this can be avoided.  She says, quote, "Stay out of dumpsters.  Pretty simple."