A Woman Sets a Car on Fire Because She Confuses It For Her Ex's

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September 6, 2016

A Woman Sets a Car on Fire Because She Confuses It For Her Ex's

This woman is filled with PASSION and RAGE.  Totally misguided rage, but hey, whatever.

19-year-old Carmen Chamblee from Clearwater, Florida wanted to get revenge on her ex last week, so she set his old white Honda Accord on fire.

There was just one problem.  Like 14 billion people have old white Honda Accords, and the one she set on fire wasn't his.  Oh, and her other problem was that a security camera got a PERFECT view of her doing it.

She was arrested and charged with second-degree arson. 

Click here to see the video.


Do You Like Your Human Male or Female?

An error on a wedding RSVP had guests wondering if the bride and groom are cannibals.

The card in question lists three entrée items for the wedding reception: "pork, beef, and child 12 and under." A Reddit user posted a photo of the card online, along with the caption: "I'll have the 10 year old, please, medium rare..."

The card also asked guests to inform the bride and groom of any dietary restrictions.


Stupid Criminals!!!

There are two neighbors in Westerly, Rhode Island who've been feuding with each other for 13 years and the war finally peaked last week.

The guys were screaming at each other last Tuesday night, and 50-year-old Jeffrey Osella decided to ATTACK.  Jeffrey didn't have any real weapons, so he took a bunch of corncobs, loaded them into a potato gun made out of a PVC pipe and started firing them at his neighbor's house.

When the cops got there, they found Jeffrey drunk, shirtless, and covered in kernels of corn. Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested for disorderly conduct and firing in a compact area.  And it looks like this will be the final battle, because his neighbor is selling his house.