A Woman Uses a Stolen Credit Card to Bail Her Friend Out of Jail

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August 30, 2016

A Woman Uses a Stolen Credit Card to Bail Her Friend Out of Jail

Now this is a good friend.  Not a SMART friend, but a good friend.

21-year-old, Shermaine Arnold was arrested in Florida after she skipped out on a $62 cab fare.  And the cops found out she had a warrant for felony battery, so she was locked up on $7,500 bail.

Her friend is Lakeisha Brisbane.  She's 46, and wanted to bail Shermaine out, but she didn't have the money.  She DID have a stolen credit card, though, which she used at a bail bonds place to get the money.

But she eventually got caught, so SHE was arrested TOO.    Stupid Criminals!!!

Lakeisha got released on $10,000 bail, although we don't know who paid for that.  She's in court this week facing felony charges for grand theft and credit card fraud. 

Click here to see their mugshots.  Lakeisha is in orange.


The Opposite of Stupid Criminals

Sometimes the stupidity exists on the right side of the law.  This is a simple case of no evidence, no case, no conviction, it's just simple math.

A deputy constable in Houston has lost his job for destroying evidence, causing 90 misdemeanor and felony drug cases to be thrown out. The deputy was trying to "make room" in the police department's crowded evidence room, but instead ended up destroying evidence for active cases.

He has since been fired.


A Lottery Ticket Thief Is Busted Trying To Cash-In A Winning Ticket

24-year old Christopher Sikes is your quintessential “Stupid Criminal.”

Last week Christopher used a hatchet to shatter a window at a convenience store in Ocala, Florida, and stole an entire case of Lottery scratch-off tickets, worth more than $10,000.  He was wearing a mask during the crime, so police were having a hard time finding him. 

That is….until Christopher decided to claim the winnings from one of the stolen tickets!  Apparently, Christopher strolled into a convenience store bragging about winning, so the clerk scanned the ticket, and he was alerted that it was stolen.

The clerk knew he couldn’t hold Christopher there, so he convinced him to pose for a photo, and called the cops.  They posted the picture on Facebook and Christopher was ratted out by his friends.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested.