A Woman's Snake Gets Stuck in Her Gauged Earlobe (Freak Files)

January 31, 2017

A Woman's Snake Gets Stuck in Her Gauged Earlobe

If you don't know what gauged ears are, they're those GIANT piercings where people put an entire ring or disc in their earlobe. 

Well, if you've ever had even a TINY desire to get them, this should change that.

A woman from Portland, Oregon named Ashley Glawe has gauged ears.  And she was playing with her pet snake last week when it slithered through the hole in her gauged earlobe . . . and got stuck.

She had to go to the emergency room, and the doctors had to cut her earlobe to get the snake out. 

Click here to see some horrifying photos.


A Woman Said Her Child Was in Her Stolen Car So the Cops Would Find It Faster

22-year-old Jessica Pickett from Columbus, Ohio left her car running in front of her apartment yesterday morning to warm it up, but someone hopped in and stole it.

She called the cops to report it stolen, and she told them her four-year-old daughter was also in the car.  So the cops put out an Amber Alert and started a frantic search for the car and child. 

Luckily they found the car quickly, and arrested the guy who'd stolen it, but there was no sign of the girl.  It turns out that's because she was never in the car.  Jessica just SAID she was because she figured it would make the cops find the car faster.

She was charged with misdemeanor falsification and might be on the hook to pay back the cost of the search.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Unfortunately, Jessica ISN'T the first mother who's pulled this stunt!


Welcome To “Stupid Ways To Die”

Some people are frugal, But most people aren't willing DIE to save a few bucks . . .

A 40-year-old guy in eastern China went to the zoo with his family and a few friends over the weekend, and didn't want to pay for a ticket.  So he and another guy decided to sneak in by scaling a fence.  Their families all paid to get in, but they didn't.

They managed to get through some wire netting.  Then one of them climbed two nine-foot fences, while the other guy hung back.

Unfortunately, the second fence he climbed was part of the TIGER enclosure.  And several tigers ended up MAULING him to death.  It's not clear if he knew it was the tiger enclosure or not, but apparently there were plenty of signs up.

It took the zookeepers about an hour to get to him, and he didn't make it.  Four people tried to sneak into the same zoo back in 2006, and almost got killed by a bunch of lions.