Women Gets Third Degree Burns From Pennies!

July 26, 2016

Woman Burned By Hot Pennies

How hot is it? 

It’s so hot that a woman's spare change is responsible for third degree burns on her legs.  Melissa Sechrist from Moore, Oklahoma, says she accidently spilled a cup of pennies onto her lap while in her car last week and the scalding-hot pennies scorched her thigh.

She tried icing the wound, but she went to a hospital over the weekend after the pain didn't subside.  It turns out she had 3rd-degree burns!  From pennies!

The heat index was 104 degrees on the day she was burned.  She says it is still painful to walk, sit or lie down because of the injury.


A Toilet-Themed Restaurant

A toilet-themed restaurant has become a huge hit in Indonesia.

Diners at the "Jamban Café" sit on toilets positioned around a large table. Food is then served in smaller toilets, instead of plates. The most popular dish at the café seems to be a type of thick floating-meatball soup.

Indonesians are said to be flocking to the venue in droves. For those who can't stomach the experience, sick bags hang by the exit door.


A Man Gets a Speeding Ticket and Blames It on Being Canadian

Well, this is the first time I've heard of someone breaking the law and blaming it on an acute case of being Canadian.

A 22-year-old guy from Toronto named Dalmar Ali was pulled over on a freeway in Richfield, Minnesota for going over 100 miles an hour.  He told the cops it wasn't his fault, he's just CANADIAN, and got confused. 

See, they use kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.  So he thought he was going 100 KILOMETERS an hour, which is only about 62 miles an hour.

Unfortunately the cops didn't let him get away with blaming the metric system.  He got a ticket for speeding, and he'll have to go to court in September.