The World's Largest Bowl of Guacamole!

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September 25, 2017

What, No Jalapenos????

If you love guacamole, you'll be sorry you weren’t in Jalisco, Mexico earlier this month.

Hundreds of people got together in Jalisco to create the world's largest bowl of guacamole.  The concoction was sponsored by Mexican a food supplier using over 25-thousand avocados, 750 onions, and 90 bundles of cilantro.

The resulting serving of guac weighed around 65-hundred pounds. It was officially certified by Guinness as the world's largest.


Bad Ass of the Week!

Would you rob a liquor store whose owner is nick-named CLINT EASTWOOD?

A Florida gas station owner used his gun to foil a beer bandit.  In fact, police say it's the fourth time owner SOWANN SUY has fired his weapon to protect his store in the coastal community of Cocoa.

This time around, a suspect reportedly grabbed some beers and threatened to beat Suy up if he got in his way. Suy fired off a warning shot, causing the suspect to drop the beers and flee. A Cocoa police spokesperson says Suy --nicknamed CLINT EASTWOOD by his friends-- has "a perfect right to defend himself."

Police records show Suy wounded three suspects in another botched robbery last year. Cops say he shot another suspect in the stomach back in 2009.

Stupid Criminals!

Stealing a bulldozer and getting arrested for murder is no way to go through life, son!

AUSTIN WHITE, who's 18, thought that stealing the construction monster and tearing it up around Bradley, Illinois, would be awesome.  The police didn't agree. They chased him, and at one point, he actually backed up over a police cruiser, almost killing the officer.

Authorities finally caught up with him and were able to stop him and arrest him. Police have charged White with six felony charges including attempted murder. See some of the crazy footage caught on dashcam here.