The World's Most Expensive Parking Space Sells For $664,000

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June 15, 2017

The World's Most Expensive Parking Space Sells For $664,000

A wealthy executive in China recently bought the world's most expensive parking space.Kwan Wai-ming is an executive director of an investment company, and he paid $664,300 for the parking spot at the Upton apartment complex in Hong Kong.

The massive purchase price beat the previous record of $615,500 for a nearby spot that was acquired back in October of 2016.

The 188-square-foot parking space cost more than many homes in Hong Kong, but the realtor (yes, there are realtors for parking spaces in Hong Kong) says that expensive parking spaces are considered a status symbol for the very wealthy.


Don’t Throw That Away!!

You never know what you’re throwing away. 

A man in Nebraska who went into a retirement home, asked his neighbor to help clean out all the junk in his garage.  Turns out the elderly man's sister had died a few years earlier and he just took all her stuff and put it in his garage.

The neighbor found an autographed L.A. Lakers poster that turned out to be worth about three hundred bucks.  Next, he discovered a bunch of paintings and as he flipped through, the last one made him stop.

He thought it might be a painting by abstract painter JACKSON POLLOCK. After getting the painting looked at by an appraiser, turns out it is an authentic Pollock worth about $15-million dollars!


A Guy Who Robbed a Bank to Get Away from His Wife Was Sentenced to House Arrest

71-year-old Lawrence Ripple robbed a bank in Kansas City, Kansas, then sat down in the LOBBY and waited for the cops to arrest him.

Once he was in custody, he explained that he WANTED to go to jail because it was better than living with his WIFE.  He actually wrote the robbery note in front of her before he left the house, to hammer home how miserable she made him.

However, his entire plan just backfired, because a federal judge sentenced him to 50 hours of community service . . . and six months of HOUSE ARREST.  So instead of jail, he'll HAVE to stay at home with his wife.  Stupid Criminals!

He could have gotten three years in prison, but he was never in trouble before and he told the judge he wasn't himself that day.  His wife was in court with him on Tuesday, so apparently they worked things out.    But if they haven't, the next six months might be rough.  Click here to see his mugshot