The World's New Hottest Pepper Is So Spicy You Can't Even Eat It

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May 25, 2017

The World's New Hottest Pepper Is So Spicy You Can't Even Eat It

There's a new contender for the “hottest chili pepper in the world”—but even its grower doesn't recommend eating it.

It is called the "Dragon's Breath" chili and is grown by a Welsh farmer named Mike Smith.  The pepper scores a frightening 2.48 million on the Scoville heat scale, well ahead of the 2.2 million record set by the Carolina Reaper. (A jalapeno scores 8,000 on the Scoville heat scale)

The Dragon's Breath chili is even hotter than the pepper spray used by the US Army, and anybody who tried to eat it would be at immediate risk of dying from anaphylactic shock.

Smith says that people have tried eating the pepper, but nobody has ever swallowed it because the heat intensity grows the longer it is in your mouth.


Freaky Eating (Competitive Eater Matt Stonie)

I didn’t want to let this guy’s birthday slip through the cracks cuz he’s a walking talking Freak File! 

Competitive eater MATT "Mega Toad" STONIE turned 25 yesterday, and currently holds the records for eating:  182 Slices of Bacon / 5 minutes, 241 Hooters chicken wings / 10 minutes, 25 Big Macs / 22 minutes, 71 Smithfield pork ribs / 5 minutes, 120 Twinkies / 6 minutes, 103 Carne Asada Tacos / 8 minutes!  85 Moon Pies / 8 minutes (in 2016)

Plus, two years ago he also defeated eight-time defending Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Joey Chestnut by eating 62 hot dogs to Chestnut's 60.


A Guy Wrongly Assumes the Cops Know He's Growing $500 Million Worth of Poppy Plants

Police in Claremont, North Carolina knocked on the door of a guy named Cody Xiong last week as part of an investigation. 

It's not clear why they were there, but they had no idea he was growing poppy seeds to make OPIUM with.  He cleared that up immediately because as soon as he opened the door and saw the cops, he blurted out, "I guess you're here about the opium."

One cop scratched his head and said, “Uh, no, but we might as well get a warrant.”  So they raided the place and found a MASSIVE field of poppy plants in his backyard.  We did the research and found that poppy plants can be used to make opium, heroin, and other hard drugs.

It turned out he had about an acre of poppy plants growing in his backyard, worth about HALF-A-BILLION DOLLARS.   Stupid Criminals!!!

He's facing drug manufacturing and trafficking charges.  Click here to see his mugshot