The Worst Blind Date EVER

Plus more with our "Freak Files!"

November 29, 2016

A Guy Shoves His Date Out of His Car and Leads Cops on a High-Speed Chase

It usually takes more than one date to figure out if someone's right for you.  But sometimes one date is PLENTY.

22-year-old Jesse Elliot was on a blind date with a woman this past Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama.  We don't know her name, but apparently a mutual friend set them up, and Jesse drove.

While he was driving, they got pulled over.  Jesse said he didn't have his license and gave the cop a FAKE NAME.

It turned out he had several outstanding warrants, and his license was suspended, which his date didn't know.  And while the cop was figuring all that out, Jesse SHOVED the woman out of his car and TOOK OFF.

The cop chased him for a while, but had to stop because he was speeding and driving erratically.  So it was too dangerous.  Another cop eventually picked his date up on the side of the road and took her home.  Fortunately she wasn't hurt.

As of last night, Jesse was still on the run. 


Stupid Mugshot of the Day: Guy's Face Is Covered in Gold Paint and Permanent Marker

The cops in Mountain Home, Arkansas got a call on Thanksgiving night about a guy wandering around town who looked . . . um . . . unusual.

They found 36-year-old Luis Ramirez and the reports weren't wrong.  His entire face was covered in GOLD PAINT and someone had drawn all over it with permanent marker, giving him a soul patch, whiskers, and some random designs.

You might think that alcohol was involved, and it was.  Luis was so drunk that he couldn't explain how it happened.  The cops wound up taking him in for public intoxication. 

His mugshot speaks volumes!!!  Click here to see it.