Would You Pay $300,000 For A Parking Spot

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March 8, 2017

Pricey Parking Spot In Brooklyn On The Market For $300,000

Parking is big business in New York City, and a parking space in Park Slop, Brooklyn is on the market for $300,000.

And what’s really crazy, or should we say FREAKY, is that New Yorkers consider charging $300,000 for a parking place a reasonable price!  Last year a parking place in New York was sold for $280,000.

Demand is high because parking spots in the area are in short supply after developers tore down a 300-space garage to build new homes.

But be warned.  When you buy the $300,000 parking space, you’ll have to sign an agreement to pay a $240 MONTHLY service fee as well.


Michigan Teenager Gets Size-28 Shoes!

If you have large feet you need large shoes.

19-year-old Broc Brown, who is 7 feet 8 inches tall and in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest teenager, finally has shoes that fit his size-28 feet.  A California-based company called Feetz made the special sneakers with a 3-D printer.

Brown suffers from a disease that is turning him into a giant by making his body think he needs to continue to grow all the time – so he gets taller every year.

Brown is so excited about his new sneakers that he has already ordered a pair of sandals for the summer.

Click here to see a picture of Brown – and how quickly he has grown.


A Guy Drives His Restored 1959 Corvette to Walmart . . . and It Gets Crushed by an Old Woman in a Ford Taurus

Nothing good can come from showing off your vintage car in a Walmart parking lot. 

Paul Stamoulis from Edgewood, Florida owns a beautiful, restored 1959 Corvette, and last week, he drove it to Walmart.  Well, after he parked it, an old lady was cutting through the parking lot in her Ford Taurus.

She realized she was heading straight for the Corvette, so she tried to hit the brakes, but she hit the gas instead, and she SLAMMED into the Corvette and rolled up ON TOP of the hood.  No one was hurt, but the Corvette was REALLY messed up. 

Naturally, the Taurus got away with hardly a scratch and, as far as we know, the woman isn't facing any charges. 

Click here to see a few photos of the carnage.