A Yacht Burns To The Ground Because of WHAT?

August 2, 2016

Guy Lights a Candle to Cover His Poop Smell in His Yacht Bathroom . . . and Burns It Down

There's a guy in Hollywood, Florida who owns a 38-foot yacht worth $170,000, and he keeps it docked in a marina.

He was on his boat on Thursday night, and he needed to visit the “Little Boys Room”, so to speak.  After he did his ‘stinky business’, he lit a candle to cover up the smell.  Which was a decent plan, I guess, until the candle tipped over and the whole boat caught on FIRE.

He got off safely, but the fire TOTALLY destroyed the yacht.  It also damaged the two yachts docked next to his.

As far as we know, the guy isn't going to be facing any charges since it was an accident, and we assume insurance will take care of the damages. 


And Now, A One-Hundred Pound Burger

Wanna see a hundred-pound burger? 

Owners of Dirigo's Public House in Yarmouth, Maine said they were looking for a creative way to celebrate the restaurant's first birthday, and after several jokes about giant burgers, they decided to make it a reality.

They put together a 100-pound hamburger!!!  Then they sold pieces of it to raise money for charity. 

It was actually 70 pounds of meat, and 30 pounds of bun and toppings.  And this is how you know it's America.  It WASN'T a world record. 

Click here to see a picture of the burger.


A Cop Gives a Driver a DWI . . . Driving Without Ice Cream

A cop in Halifax, Virginia pulled over an African-American couple last Friday, and the woman driving seems pretty nervous when he tells her she's violating code 

But then he tells her it's against the law to drive on a hot day without an ICE CREAM cone.  So he and the other cop hand them two cones, and she CRACKS up. 

She laughs so hard it almost seems like she's crying.  With everything going on between race relations and the police, it's pretty refreshing. 

Click here to see the video.