You Can Buy Toilet Paper That Smells Like Christmas!

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December 23, 2016

Now You Can Buy Toilet Paper That “Smells Like Christmas”

There are a lot of people who love Christmas so much that they start celebrating in October. 

And there are some people who are so obsessed with Christmas that they want to buy toilet paper that smells like holiday cheer.

A supermarket in the U.K. called “Tesco” has introduced “holiday cheer” toilet paper that smells like mulled spice wine pine, and cinnamon.  Each roll is decorated with gold trees and snowflakes.

Wanna buy some? A single roll of “holiday cheer” toilet paper costs $2.48.


Houston Texans Rookie Got Stuck With $16,000 Dinner Check

In the NFL, it’s tradition that the rookies pay for a team dinner – but this rookie got more than he bargained for.

Houston Texans rookie safety KJ Dillon got stuck with a staggering dinner bill on Sunday evening – for $16,255 — and that was BEFORE tipping the servers!

Dillon paid for 7 orders of sea bass with lobster (totaling $350), $105 worth of filet mignon, a Caesar salad that cost $13, and $7,700 worth of Hennessy.

Usually the rookies split the bill, but Dillon was the only rookie there, so he had to pay for whole thing --  and he's not making a lot of money by NFL standards. His 4-year, $2.6 million contract included a $235,000 signing bonus and a 2016 salary of $374,000.

He has yet to start in an NFL game.


Couple Wants Their Names Legally Changed To Santa And Merry Christmas Claus

A couple from Omaha, Nebraska is definitely more in the Christmas spirit than you will ever be.

Jeff and Mary Brookstein, both age 60, dress up like Santa and Mrs. Claus every year to work in malls and at other events.

But now they're kicking things up a notch this year by beginning the process of legally changing their names to Santa and Merry Christmas Claus!

They have done all the paperwork and are just waiting for a judge to approve the change.

In the off-season, Mr. Brookstein works as a cab driver while his wife volunteers with several local nonprofit organizations.