You Can Get Hepatitis from Too Many Energy Drinks

November 3, 2016

You Can Get Hepatitis from Too Many Energy Drinks

You know the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings"?  Apparently it can also give you something else that's not quite as fun . . .

A 50-year-old construction worker in Florida recently showed up at the hospital because his skin had turned yellow, plus he had stomach pain, and nausea.  He actually thought he had the flu. 

The tests showed liver damage and it turned out he'd developed acute HEPATITIS from chugging too many ENERGY DRINKS.

It's not clear if it was Red Bull or some other brand.  But he'd been drinking four to five cans a day for three weeks, and essentially overdosed on niacin, also known as B-3 vitamins.  .

Hepatitis isn't just a virus you get from sharing needles or other elicit behaviors.  It means your liver is inflamed.  And you can develop ACUTE hepatitis from things like drinking or doing a lot of drugs.

The good news is it's not permanent.  The guy in Florida's symptoms went away about three days after he stopped drinking them. 


What Would You Do For A Kit Kat Bar?

A student in Kansas fell victim to a polite candy bandit.

Kansas State University student HUNTER JOBBINS left his car for fifteen minutes and, when he returned, his Kit Kat bar was missing.

Jobbins found a handwritten note inside his car that read: "Did not take anything other than the Kit Kat. I am sorry, hungry and I love Kit Kat bars." The student admits he had left the car door unlocked.

After posting about the theft on Twitter, Jobbins received a message from Nestle, which offered to replace his stolen chocolate bar for free.


A Man Gets Drunk And Drives To Jail To Pick Up A Family Member

I don’t know how many times we have to say it:  Don’t drink and drive – especially if you are driving to a police station!

Rex Crooks needed to pick up a family member that was serving jail-time – and he decided that it was a good idea to have a few drinks before driving to the jail and wobbling into the lobby – that was full of cops!

Police at the Livingston County Jail in New York could tell Rex was severely intoxicated, so they gave him a breathalyzer test.  He had a blood alcohol level of .31, which is over 4 times the legal limit.

So, as his family member was released from jail, Rex was booked INTO jail for “aggravated driving while intoxicated.”   Stupid Criminals!!!

Oh, and he also got a parking ticket.