Zombies Are Attacking Indiana???

Plus more with our "Freak Files!"

March 3, 2017

Radio Station Gets Hacked And Sends Out Emergency Alerts About A Zombie Attack

Residents of Winchester, Indiana were in panic mode early this week because a local radio station was airing realistic emergency alerts about zombies attacking the town.

The broadcasts were “replayed frequently” on WZZY 98.3 around noon on Wednesday – and they warned of a flesh-eating zombie attack as well as a related disease outbreak from dead bodies.

But it wasn’t a prank by the station – somebody had hacked into the radio station’s broadcast system to air the fake warnings.

The radio station had to be taken off the air until the staff could regain full control.  The sheriff’s department and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security are investigating the hack.


A Woman Makes Herself a Wedding Dress Out of Taco Bell Wrappers

In case you haven't heard, a new Taco Bell in Las Vegas has a WEDDING CHAPEL inside, and they're running a contest where some couple will win a free dream wedding there. 

At Taco Bell.  Who could POSSIBLY have that dream, right?  Um . . . this woman. 

A woman named Diane Nguyen wanted her entry in the contest to stand out, so she got a bunch of unused taco and burrito wrappers from a Taco Bell, and made herself a WEDDING DRESS out of them.  

She says she wanted to get married at Taco Bell because, quote, "It has been there through the years, from the after school runs, to late meals after work or a night of partying."  Click here to see a picture of the dress.


An Angry Vegan Rammed a Chicken Truck

I didn’t know vegans could be this judgmental?

26-year-old Judith Armstrong crashed into the side of a truck that was hauling a bunch of chickens near Athens, Georgia last month.  Then she rammed it AGAIN when the truck slowed down.  So it was intentional.

Then she fled the scene, but didn't realize her LICENSE PLATE broke off.  So cops found it on the ground, ran the number, and tracked her down at her house.

She told them she rammed the truck because she's vegan, and didn't like that it was hauling chickens, which seems like a TERRIBLE idea when you're concerned about animal welfare.  She also said she drove off because she was worried she might lose her license. 

She ended up getting a DUI, so she'd been drinking.