This one from the “Beware” File

March 21, 2017

Brazilian Butt Lift Anyone???

This one from the “Beware” File. . . . .

Tragedy in Florida after 25-year-old RANIKA HALL went to Hialeah to get a Brazilian butt lift and died after the procedure.

Ranika is the second patient in less than a year to die from a Brazilian butt-lift procedure --and at the same Miami plastic surgery clinic. Her family reportedly begged her not to go through with the operation, but she reportedly ignored her family's advice because she was unhappy with her post-pregnancy body.

NBC Miami reported the Eres Plastic Surgery Clinic was the same one in which 29-year-old HEATHER MEADOWS died last year after scheduling the same procedure.

(FYI: The Brazilian butt-lift uses liposuction to take fat from elsewhere in the body and inject it into the buttocks. According to the clinic's website, the procedure costs $35-hundred dollars and includes 12 areas of liposuction.)