Ron and Karen at the Memphis Zoo!

March 14, 2018

Hi it's Karen of Ron and Karen in the Morning here at 104.5 The River. We headed to Midtown yesterday to visit the Memphis Zoo. We had a great time at the Zambezi River exhibit where we saw Binti the mom hippopotamus and baby Winnie who turns 1 year old this month. We were there to wish her Happy Birthday! We also got to see many other animals enjoying the day at the Zoo. Check out this lion in Cat Country, for a split second she looks just a house cat basking in the sun. We of course know better! lol Check out all the Zoo videos we have posted so far, and more to come, on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Find us at @1045theriver on Twitter and search 104.5 The River to find us on Facebook. We are on Instagram too. Follow us everywhere! :) We'll see you on the radio tomorrow...until then we are going to enjoy the sun today like that lion in the picture above. 

Your pal, 

Karen Perrin of Ron and Karen in the Morning