Karen Perrin's Beach Vacation Observations

July 30, 2018

☀️ Beach Vacation Observations 2018 ☀️
by Karen Perrin (DJ, wife, mom of two teen boys and a big fan of the beach!)

* Everyone vacations the last week of July. Who knew!?
* A fire alarm at 3:11am in your condo on your first night is not fun, but especially when you are on the 16th floor. (Luckily it was just a malfunctioning HVAC unit and we only had to be outside for an hour. AND we only had to go down 16 flights of stairs...we got to take the elevator back up.)
* Most people use earbuds at the beach, except for the county music lovers blasting music 4 chairs over from me.
* Teens want to sleep all day, whether at home or the beach.
* Teens don’t realize how much money parents spent for them to sleep on vacation.
* Going to the beach is always a painful reminder you need to go on a diet.
* So is seeing yourself in a full length mirror.
* So when you are staying at the beach and your condo has many full length mirrors.... -- double boom.
* Post vacation laundry never seems to end.
* Vacations are never long enough.
FYI..... The pictures above are some of my favorite views from the trip. And it seems I'm not alone in my refrigerator envy. The pic of the fridge from my condo has garnered MANY likes on Facebook! lol
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