Kids Are Messy. So is Ron.

March 29, 2018

Kids are messy. So is Ron Olson.

Hi, it’s Karen Perrin from the 104.5 The River Morning Show. I work with Ron almost every day. Today he brought jelly doughnuts in studio. After he finished one, his hands and face were covered in glaze. After a few moments, he noticed a big glob of jelly on his pants. He cleaned that up only to look down on the floor to what looked like a crime scene, when in fact it was yet another dollop of jelly that had hit the floor. What you see in that picture is another jelly doughnut. What now?! Does Ron have a second doughnut and make a bigger doughnut mess that would likely even remain even when Dennis gets here this afternoon? Or do I take it, enjoy it and hope I can avoid the stealthy, renegade escaping jelly that is likely to plague me as well. Also, the whole jelly doughnut thing really doesn't fit into the healthier eating plan I have been trying to embark on…”trying” being key there. Only when you try to eat healthy does your co-worker surprise you with sugary, delicious decadent treats. (He brought chocolates in yesterday!) What’s a girl to do… your willpower can only last so long. lol As I type this, I will not confirm nor deny if that doughnut is still in that bag.;)