Monday on The River

March 5, 2018

Hello from Karen Perrin of the 104.5 The River Morning Show. Scattered showers in the Mid South today. Rain on Monday....hmmmm..... someone should write a song about that. (I kid. I kid. I know one exists.) Ron was off today but kind enough to forward me this picture from an undisclosed location. The Beach? Maywood? A sand box at a Memphis park? While we may never know, I do know the message is clear $1000....yes that is one thousand dollars. Monday thru Friday, 12 times a day, you have a shot at the cash. Someone will win! Why not you? But you can't just wish you will win the money, you must enter to win. Find all the details here on our website ( and when you listen to 104.5 The River. Have a wonderful rest of your Monday. As for tomorrow, right now, looks like no rain in the forecast. Could that mean sun on a Tuesday? We'll take it. :)