What Kind of Sandwich is This?

October 24, 2019

Hey it's Karen Perrin from the 104.5 The River Morning Show. 

Ron Olson posted this picture earlier on Facebook today. Do you know what kind of sandwich it is? If I told you it was  bologna, would you believe me? Well, Ron says yes, that is indeed a bologna sandwich! (I would have guessed a veggie burger and I would have been wrong.) Ron got this yesterday at One and Only BBQ to (pre) celebrate National Bologna Day which is today (10/24). I'll be honest, when I think of bologna, I think of the thinly sliced kind with the red casing/wrapping around it that we had as kids....you know the kind, with a first and last name. :) lol I will also admit I would be more inclined to indulge in any bologna sandwich that looks like this! We certainly appreciate Ron doing "research" for the show and sampling this tasty sandwich. Plenty of places around town to celebrate today if you are so inclined!

Happy National Bologna Day from Ron and Karen! 

Karen Perrin, 

Ron and Karen in the Morning, 104.5 The River