"Oranges aren't a hassle after all" says Ron Olson

April 12, 2018

Yep, you read that correctly. “Oranges aren’t that much of a hassle after all. I thought they’d be a lot of trouble.” I think that was the entire thought he revealed this morning. You see, at 12:07pm yesterday, I (Karen Perrin) got a call from my buddy Ron. He had been at the Dr., all was well …..except his time on the scale. He reported to me that he weighed the most he had ever weighed in his life. He was dismayed, shocked and then angry enough to do something about it. lol  Not an hour later he was on 3 mile walk, hours after that he had headed to Costco to stock up on healthy snacks and protein bars and shakes. At 7:19pm he called to tell me about the roasted chicken and lettuce he had for dinner. And this morning after 5am, I was greeted by a guy who already had his protein shake and had the breakfast pictured above on standby. And yes, this is the same guy who less than 24 hours before had a honey bun for breakfast. I must tell you his instant motivation is pretty impressive. I would’ve had (as I have done many times) one last meal before embarking on a new healthy diet/lifestyle.  But I think the funniest has been listening to Ron all morning rave about oranges. Yes. Oranges….as if he has never had one, or at least not lately, because he thought they were simply too much trouble! Ron's Lesson for the Day: Oranges aren’t that much trouble. :)