Ron and Karen Going to the Birds!

March 9, 2018

Hi this is Karen Perrin, half of the 104.5 The River Morning Show. Ron Olson is the other half. Ron likes birds.

Not only does Ron like birds, he thinks we need to see more outside our WRVR 104.5 studio. So today he brought in a bird feeder he bought and then painted. He put the word BIRD on top... I guess so they would know it was for them. lol We got the bird feeder out there at 7:05am with suet cakes (some kind of feed I'd never heard of until today). As I type it's after 8am, we are still waiting for the first bird. Updates to follow on Monday. We know you will be waiting! bwahahahaha 

Have a good weekend!

Karen Perrin 

Morning Show host, blogger and photographer of Ron :)