Ron is THAT GUY at the movie!!

April 6, 2018

Hi it’s Karen Perrin from the 104.5 The River Morning Show. If you didn’t hear on the radio today, we learned our buddy Ron, my longtime friend and morning show co host, is “THAT GUY” at the movies. The person that didn’t remember to mute or turn off his phone!! I am floored and disappointed to be honest. ;) HE is the person who ignored the 100 pleas/reminders before the movie started to silence the phone.  And he’s already the one who leaves his phone on the highest volume ring, last night only to be stunned it was ringing inside the theatre. And to make things all the louder, this all happened while watching the movie A QUIET PLACE. Yes, NOT a loud, speaker rocking loud action/adventure movie. A QUIET PLACE ….the new move that has very little sound in it all. In fact, it’s a movie so silent I’ve read that may have even been hesitant to even eat their popcorn for fear that would be too loud! lol He told us his phone rang out about 10 minutes into the movie and needless to say he was mortified and stunned, so much so he didn’t know what to do. Too rattled to think to quickly put that phone on silent, but wanting the ringing to stop, he swiped the phone to pick up the call then shoved it under his leg. So, yes the ringing stopped but from under his leg you could hear the muffled sound of the person on the other end. The puzzled caller, loudly talking wondering why Ron never said hello. Those in attendance can at least relish in the fact that Ron sat nervously on edge for the next 30 minutes, uncomfortable in the thought his friend might call back! And because he couldn’t get that phone turned down, it would be just as loud. (Luckily for all the movie, that did not happen.) The moral of this story ……. turn off (or at least down) your phone at the movies! And you all will be glad to know (my gift to all! lol)  I showed Ron the “Do Not Disturb” option on his phone for ease of muting at the movie. Hopefully he remembers for next time, so he’s not “that guy” again. :)