Top things to do this week while not in Florida on Fall Break!

October 9, 2018

Fall Break ruined by Hurricane's a list of things to do after driving back to Memphis

1) get an oil change. you probalby need one after putting all those miles on your car.

2) Get some Tiger tickets for saturday's game at 2:30. Great weather.

3) Go see the movie "first Man". Moon landing story.

4) Catch School of Rock at the orpheum

5) Get some mexican food.

6) Go to Graceland and see what all the hub bub is about. The second most visited home in America.

7) Rent A scooter downtown and run all over the place.

8 ) the memphis zoo- cool weather makes the animals move around a little bit.

9) take an afternoon nap under a tree in overton park listening to Dennis fuller

10) There is always Bar B Q.