Final Weekend for the Vesta Home Show

October 25, 2019

In search of home improvement or decorating ideas, then look no further than the Vesta Home Show, this year in Germantown. This is the final weekend as it runs through 10/27/19. My mom and I checked it out yesterday. We got SOOOO many decorating ideas! First, I'll just say the houses were amazing all on their own......unique floor plans, huge spaces, amazingly high ceilings and incredible outdoor living spaces. And don't' get me started on the pools. :) But even if we all can't get one of these houses, there are many ideas we can take away for our own homes While I'd like to redo almost all of my home (lol) I was really looking at ideas to update a bathroom. There were so many great designs and I took quite a few did everyone else on the tour. The good part is that you can go through the 6 houses at your own pace (while getting in all your steps for the day! haha). I probably should've spent more time in each house as I keep thinking back to all the things I saw. My neighbor Heather joked she was relucatant to go as she thought she might see too many things she wanted to do! lol I told her she would have seen plenty of things to love! 

Here is the website for the Vesta Home Show where you can get more details on tickets, location, directions and parking.

Have a great weekend!

Karen Perrin, Ron and Karen, 104.5 The River Morning Show