What Makes You Happy?

January 4, 2019

Everyone likes to be happy....so the question is "what makes YOU happy"? Flowers? Music? Babies? (Ron's grand baby would SO be his answer.) Sunshine? Dogs? A pay raise? Doughnuts? There are so many things we could all mention. But today, it think for many of us, what makes us happy is that it is FRIDAY! And even better, for many it was only a 3 day work week thus making today all the sweeter!!! Of course, if you have been on vacation since before Christmas and this is your last official vacation day, YOU may not be so happy about that. lol Hang in there! Have a grea day and I wrap this up by writing #YayFriday #CelebrateTheThreeDayWorkWeek and #HappyWeekend!!

Karen Perrin of the Ron and Karen Morning Show