Stop Doing This!!

June 15, 2017

People are getting suntans with Coca-Cola at the beach... but not to drink!

Teen Vogue says they're actually pouring Coca-Cola all over their skin before laying out in the sunshine in hopes of attaining a sun-kissed glow. But dermatologists say that it's a terrible idea! Stop doing this!

First, if users see any result at all, it's likely due to the fact that brown sodas contain a lot of chemical colors, which can give the appearance of speeding up a tan. But it's also unsafe because there is no SPF protection, so all you're doing is pouring a gross and sticky soft drink on your body that will sunburn --which can significantly raise your risk for skin cancer.

Your safest, best bet for getting a safe tan is a sunless tanner. When going out in the sun, use sunscreen on your body. And save the cold sodas for a drink.