Teen Driver in the Perrin House!

September 12, 2018

Hi it's Karen Perrin! I co host the 104.5 The River Morning Show with Ron Olson. In my non-radio life, I have 2 sons.... one just got his drivers license and that is of course a big deal! No more carpool for me and there is good and bad in that. It's good so my whole day doesn't revolve around pick up time from school. But it's bad because I lose what little chat time I had with him each day. And if you are, or have been a parent of a teen, you know time with your kids becomes more precious as they get older. So, just another milestone that means my son is growing up and that time passes so quickly once you have kids. Okay, those are my deep thoughts for the day! Now, back to the music.... :)

Karen Perrin