Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 12, 2018

Yes, sure it's November 12th, and you know Thanksgiving can't be too far away BUT did you realize it is next week! What!?! I know right? I've seen everyone at the store buying the staples for the table that day.... sweet potatoes, turkey, cranberries and the crunchy onions to top the green bean casserole .... and I've been thinking "wow, those people are planning way ahead".... NOT! I guess I better get ready too.:)  What a busy time of year between Halloween and Christmas when you are trying to decide when to plan, shop, decorate and then everything sneaks up on you and boom you are rushed! Maybe you are off work all next week...good for you if yes! Maybe you at least get one day off and you can get some things done then. But no matter, just know Ron and I are here for you weekday mornings on 104.5 The River whether you are in an extra festive mood, feeling Scrooge-like or you fall somewhere in between! :) 

Happy week before Thanksgiving! 

Karen Perrin  from The Ron and Karen Morning Show on 104.5 The River