What's For Dinner? #delicious #ad

March 1, 2019

Hey it's Karen Perrin from the 104.5 The River Morning Show. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out Hello Fresh was going to be a part of the Ron and Karen Morning Show. I had been wanting to try it for so long! And now I finally have! Here's what I like about this meal kit delivery service ...

1) The fact that I KNOW what's for dinner!!! You know the nightly question we get from our kids? Now with Hello Fresh there is an answer!  :) 

2) They have done the shopping for you! Boom. Need I say more? lol 

3) In preparing these recipes, I get cooking ideas I can incorporate into other meals! 

4) Got kids? You can have them join you in the kitchen for family time and prepare the meals together.

5) The recipes are easy, taste great and we get to eat at home and enjoy quality family time. 

I am a working mom. I like the ease and convenience of Hello Fresh! If you are thinking of trying it yourself, use this link.... www.hellofresh.com/wrvr That way you can save $60 ($20 off your first 3 boxes) by using that link!

Happy Weekend and Happy Cooking! 

Karen Perrin 

#ad - but I wouldn't talk about it if i didn't like it! :) - KP 

(Here's one of the recipes from my most recent delivery!)