You've Got To Play If You Want To Win!

January 30, 2019

Nice! A basketful of cash!

Did you know 104.5 The River is giving away $12,000 in cash each weekday, $1000 at a time! Yes! It's our $1000 Free Money Word and you can get all the details here at 

But Ron and I want to make sure you know that only a few days remain in this round and if you wanna win, you gotta play! It's simple too,  if you know how to text, you are good to go! What could you do with $1000? And yes..... we just said A LOT too! lol ;) You get your first $1000 Free Money Word each weekday morning at 7am! We want you to win! :) 

Give it a try! 

Your pal, 

Karen Perrin, of the Ron and Karen Morning Show on 104.5 The River