No More Free Toilet Paper In China! (Freak Files)


China Is Using Face-Scanners In Public Restrooms To Prevent Toilet Paper Theft

We just can’t imagine this working in the US.

One of the busiest bathrooms in Beijing, China has stopped letting patrons have free toilet paper thanks to widespread toilet paper theft by the elderly.  Don’t worry, you can still get toilet paper, but you have to agree to have your face scanned!

Here’s how it works: If you want toilet paper, you need to stand in front of a high definition camera for 3 seconds -- then will you receive your toilet paper ration of about 2-feet.

If you show up too often, you’ll be denied.

And you better make sure your business is done the first time, because you need to wait 9-minutes to receive another toilet paper ration.


A Fugitive Is Caught Because He Used His CVS Rewards Card

If this guy had JUST been willing to check out at CVS without swiping his rewards card, two good things would've happened:  One, his receipt probably wouldn't have been 16 feet long.  And two, he wouldn't be in jail.

37-year-old Jamaal Seymour of Sandy Springs, Georgia is a fugitive who was wanted for several violent crimes, including strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon.

Well, the cops in Key West, Florida got a tip that he might be hiding out there, so they alerted local businesses to be on the lookout for him.  They caught a break when he went to a CVS and swiped his OWN rewards card to get a discount.

The CVS alerted the cops, and they tracked down Jamaal a few hours later.  He was arrested for resisting arrest, using a false ID, and being a fugitive. 


A Woman Slaps Her Mom With a McDonald's Cheeseburger, and Now the Cops Are Looking For Her

Based on the ingredients that McDonald's uses, is their food considered a chemical weapon?

A 60-year-old woman and her 39-year-old daughter went to a McDonald's in Indianapolis on Sunday to have a very important talk:  The mom was telling the daughter that she had to move out.

Even though the daughter is 39 and theoretically too old to live at home, it's pretty clear she's not EMOTIONALLY there, because she got so upset at hearing the news, that she SLAPPED her mom in the face with her McDonald’s cheeseburger.

The cops came, but the daughter had run off by the time they got there.  Now the cops are trying to track her down.