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Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Has A Hot New Girlfriend


Have You Checked Out Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Hot Girl Friend?

RYAN LOCHTE's hot new babe is Playboy magazine’s Miss July, 2015!!!  And guess where they met?  On Lochte’s Tinder account!!! 

Her name is KAYLA RAE REID, and she discussed their relationship with the UK's Daily Mail, and hinted that they met on the social app.  She says Lochte is "kind, humble" and "incredibly good looking."

Kayla claims her man gets "lots of female attention," has "more depth than you could possibly imagine" and is downright "inspiring."

Talk about an app that’s paying off! 


A Down ‘N’ Dirty Quickie: A-Rod

NY Yankees third baseman ALEX RODRIGUEZ will play his final game today.


Lisa Marie Presley Is In Rehab

LISA MARIE PRESLEY has hopped back on the wagon.

The National Enquirer reports that Lisa Marie is undergoing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in Los Angeles and sources say she's dropped a cool $400-thousand dollars on a "private detox team."

Word is her mother, PRISCILLA, comes to visit every day, ELVIS' baby girl is "determined to get on track" and has the support of lots of family and friends.


Christie Brinkley Did Not Dump John Mellencamp Because He's a Redneck 

When CHRISTIE BRINKLEY and JOHN MELLENCAMP broke up, they blamed distance and their busy work schedules. 

But the "New York Post" decided not to accept that.  They ran a story saying she dumped him because of his, quote, "hellbent political opinions and his redneck ways."  They even suggested he's a Trump supporter.

Well, Christie issued a statement yesterday defending John and saying he's actually a Hillary supporter, and he even gave her his song "Our Country" for her campaign.

She said, quote, "As to the problem John and I faced, it's just mileage.  Pure and simple.  Not that exciting or salacious, sorry."